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We continued working on this project this weekend.

This could be the New York improv scene’s “Boyhood.”

Most likely; Ryan. 

I mean seanporeilly does age twelve years at a point in the story. Though that’s a gypsy curse turn in act two, so its a little different.


Criterion Collection - Scanners artwork by Connor Willumsen

Criterion’s newly, restored 2K digital film transfer, supervised by director David Cronenberg, is out on Blu-ray. It’s jam backed with head exploding extras, not to mention eyeball melting exterior and interior artwork. Available HERE.

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Continuing to work on a thing.

Loving it

Room in Bay Ridge Brooklyn NY open for rent!


Spacious room in Bay Ridge is for rent August 1st!

One block from the N/R 59th Street stop.

Rent: $775

First month plus security.

3 bedroom apartment with kitchen; living area; 2 bath; and backyard access.

Contact me if you know me already or message me here if you don’t and want to live in Brooklyn for cheap.